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Description “The Sandman” is filled with examples of doubling. Characters re-appear with different names, objects from the past constantly re-emerge in Nathaniel’s present and so on. The idea of the return of something from the past into the present is also at the heart of Freud’s idea of the uncanny. So for this assignment, I simply want you to list at least three examples of doubling from “The Sandman.” For each example listed, write a paragraph explaining its significance to the narrative. So for instance, if you discuss the return of a character in a different guise later in Nathaniel’s life (to give an obvious example), you would need to briefly outline how this is an instance of doubling and then explain why it matters to the meaning of the story. Nuts and Bolts: Typed, double spaced, MLA formatted on Microsoft Word document. 500 words minimum and QUOTE AT LEAST TWO TIMES from Hoffmann in support of your explanations. Your work will be judged based on the uniqueness and quality of your selections, your familiarity and engagement with the play and of course fulfilling the formatting and length criteria of the assignment.


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