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Description Go to the “Deep Time” Art Catalogue (Module #6) and analyze several of the artists works in terms (mainly) of how effective a sense of “deep time” is conveyed. Ideally, you should select several artists/several art works, and provide increasingly complex analytical observations (not just artist a, artist b, & artist c … disconnected). You might focus exclusively on those that depict nature per se, or you might move from “realistic” depictions to more abstract ones. If you really, really like one particular artist: you may (via a Google search) find more of his/her works and focus exclusively on him/her. If easy to do: please imbed images of the art works within your essay. Use the prefatory catalogue material as your secondary source. You may, if you are particularly “into” one the artists, do a Google search to find pertinent biographical or other information on him/her. https://aeon.co/science/deep-time Above is the link to the deep time art catalogue.


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