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 Blog Project:Your BLOG will focus on a 20th Century Concert Dance History research topic. Your topic could be a person, a style, a genre, an era, a specific piece of choreography, or a particular innovation, a site or location, such as Jacobs Pillow is fine too. “The form is the message.” The overall form and design of your BLOG must in some way reflect the form and main ideas of your research topic. Each post must include visuals (i.e. photographic images or other 2D designs) and hyper-links to video footage or websites, at least 2 of each per post. Your blog needs to contain at least, but not limited to, SIX posts that consist of the following: Background: influences, training, lineage, collaborators, etc. Historical Context: How does this research express issues and changes occurring in the culture in their time? Personal Opinion: Why does this matter to you? What makes it meaningful to you personally in your own time and development? X-Factor: Leave room to have an additional post about a topic or idea that you feel needs to be included to thoroughly express your research. In one post include a link to a critical review, i.e. newspaper article of a performance. In one post include a link to a scholarly journal article about your topic and paraphrase the thesis of the article in your post.


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