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Compose a bibliography of 10 possible secondary sources for your paper. These sources may or may not be the same as for the Working Bibliography assignment. Because you are still actively engaged in evaluating resources and finding source material, it is expected that your topic and research will change during the process. Include the following three sections: 1. After studying all ten sources, write an introduction for your bibliography (2 to 3 paragraphs) that charts the connections among all ten sources & scholars. 2. Then, for five of the sources, provide a summary (annotation) of the work (about 100-150 words). List each source in correct format, followed by its annotation; the annotations must be in your own words; use literary present tense and active verbs (Smith argues…illustrates…etc.). Put the five sources in alphabetical order. 3. For the remaining five sources, state (in one paragraph total) how you might use these five sources in your paper or what you hope to find out from re-reading these five sources. You do not have to annotate these five sources, but do list them in proper format. See the very bottom of p. 1648 for how to format an entry for a journal article located through a subscription database. You will be graded for correct formatting / following these instructions. Review Works Cited Entry Examples. If you follow the directions above, your final document should be 1,200 to 1,500 words. Your annotations / summaries must be in your own words, not plagiarized. Copying from the article or abstract is plagiarism. Assignments with plagiarized material will earn zeros; see academic honesty policy in Syllabus.


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