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 LENGTH: 8 PAGES (EXCLUDING TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHY) For the case study project, 1. students must select 1 particular moral philosopher studied in Philosophy : Moral Issues in Business, and choose 1 relatively recent and relatively specific moral issue in business (from 2008 – 2019). 2. Students must critically analyze and evaluate the morality of their cases tudy topic from within the perspective of their chosen school of moral philosophy. For this project, I have selected “Alfred North Whitehead’s Process Ethics”. Note: – Required 8 citation Your case – study paper must refer to 2 of the required readings related to that particular philosopher (the primary reading by the philosopher, and the secondary reading by a contemporary business ethicist), as well as atleast 1 of the supplementary sources listed on the course syllabus. Your paper must also refer to 1 magazine, news paper, or academic journal article about the specific issue being analyzed. Please attach a printed hard copy of your article with this paper. No further research is required. Your analysis might include: formulating criticisms of specific business practices (Fracking) and attitudes; garnering insights in to the ethical / unethical nature of the situation and response of the business; as well as offering advice for CSR strategies and corporate codes of conduct designed to repair, improve, and / or maintain ethical standards—all from with in a theoretical perspective inspired by your chosen school of moral philosophy. Ask your selves: Why does your chosen moral philosopher criticize certain business behaviors as unethical? What relevance does their critique have for the analysis of moral issues in business today? What moral insights does it offer in to the specific ethical dilemmas faced by businesses today,i.e.,such as the business in your case study? How might it contribute to developing CSR strategies and codes of conduct aimed at remedying wrongs? What original and substantive contributions does your case study essay make to contemporary secondary literature and scholarly discussions on business ethics?In their case-study assignments,students are expected to: (i) Summarize the nature of their case study topic by referring to their article; (ii)Summarize the meaning and explain the significance of what ever philosophic concepts, arguments, and criticisms they consider to be relevant to their ethical analysis of that topic with reference to the course-related philosophic literature; and (iii) Evaluate and critically analyze the case study topic within the context of their chosen school of moral philosophy. Citation: min 9 citation required. 5 from the list bellow (check the list bellow) and 4 from other sources to support this research on fracking (megazines, articles, news etc..). Citation readings: 1. Whitehead, Alfred North (1954). ‘Requisites for Social Progress’. Science and the Modern World. New American Library: New York 2. Cobb, John & Daly, Herman (1994). ‘The Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness in Economics and Other Disciplines’. For the Common Good: Redirecting the Economy toward Community, the Environment, and a Sustainable Future. Beacon Press: Boston 3. Ulshöfer, Gotlind (2000). ‘A Whiteheadian Business Ethics and the Western Hemisphere’. Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 23, No. 1: Fifth Annual International Conference Promoting Business Ethics. 4. Cobb, John (2002). ‘Whitehead’s Theory of Value’. Lecture at Xian and Beijing Universities. . 5. Capra, Fritjof & Jakobsen, Ove (2017). ‘A Conceptual Framework for Ecological Economics Based on Systemic Principles of Life’. (Originally published in the International Journal of Social Economics). .


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