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The purpose of the task is to write a short proposal for a major event (at least 2000 attendees) (1000 words). The proposal will be written by each student individually. The proposal needs to include the concept behind the event, potential market for the event, potential venue and a brief overview of some of the resources needed to stage the event. Harvard style referencing required. Instructions: 1. Research events – use City of Melbourne, Destination Melbourne and similar websites to see what events are held and when 2. Research Events in which you are interested in overseas 3. Write structure for your plan and approximate number of words 4. Think about concept of the event – why are you planning this event and what will it look like 5. Set the date for your event – consider other events at that time, weather, holiday times 6. Research and discuss potential venues – accessibility, size, hire costs, permits required 7. Research and discuss briefly potential market segments 8. Research and discuss potential resources – staging, entertainment You are to bring an event that never took place in Australia and bring it to Melbourne, Australia. Assessment Structure: Students need to develop a proposal for an event which will be held in Melbourne or Victoria. Within this proposal these criteria need to be considered: Rationale for event (why are you holding this event) Concept for the event (Charity run, sports event, cultural event etc.) Potential Venue – consider size, accessibility, Potential market segments Resources needed – equipment, staging, entertainment etc. The event that i choose to write about is Coachella.


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