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Premise: Use cumulative knowledge of course materials from AFS 2600 to complete the following question. Expectations: 6-8 pages, double-spaced 12pt font. Citations for sources required, according to your field’s expectations (i. e. MLA, APA, Turabian, etc.) with footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical citations evident AND works cited or reference page. Question: A hot button topic in the various facets of news media over the past decade have been related to race and racism in America. It is novice to suppose that this begins with the election of President Barack Obama, per some conclusions that could be drawn from the docuseries And Still I Rise: African Americans After MLK, or with the election of President Donald Trump. As you have read or seen, these issues of the very public discourses on racism have been ongoing for some time, many of them preceding the 2000s. Your task for this assignment is to: 1) choose a focus group: Asian Americans (please be specific with regard to ethnicity and/or regionality of origin), African Americans or Afro-Diasporan descendants in America, Native Americans, Mexican or Central Americans or aspiring citizens, Latino Americans, Arab Americans ,OR European descendant Americans (or etc); and 2) use a current event from the news related to race and racism and your chosen group to inform the backstory of the issue on which you are focusing. Vet your news sources before relying on them. Consider the political bent of the publication or writer. Finally, 3) Inform your report with examples from three sources: ONE film and at least TWO books or articles from the course. More sources are always a great idea, too. Some topic examples might include: Challenges of Black Elected Officials After Barack Obama Media Takes on the Muslim Travel Ban, 2017-2018 Native American Unity and the No DAPL Protests Raza Studies in the Age of the Mexican/Central American Border Crisis White European Immigration and Privilege in the U.S. While, I trust your work to be open to your own interpretation in its paper form, some starting questions might be: According to your course materials, where in time might you place the origins of your focus issue and why? How does race and/or racism impact the narrative around your topic Does this news story illuminate some significant point that you discovered while taking in your course material. If so, what? How does your report’s focus discuss cross cultural or “interracial” efforts to address racism


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