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Description The discussion board has the purpose to help students to create a forum to share ideas. SUGGESTED TOPICS (you can start any thread with another topic from Chapters 15-21): a. This module is mostly about the Classical period (approx. 1750-1820). So, is it correct to call other music outside this historical frame “classical music”? Why yes? Why not? What other alternative names can we provide for the commonly referred “classical music” that falls outside this time frame? b. Have you watched the movie Amadeus? What is the connection of that movie with elements learned in this module? c. What’s the big deal about Beethoven? Is his great just because somebody says so? Is he great because some people “like” his music”? Or, is it something objective and observable that makes his music great over other music? 1. The posting of the discussion needs to include meaningful information about something that surprised you, something that is new to you, something that you discover in the module, concepts learned, or something in which you have a question. 2. New postings or reply to postings need to be more than one line or one sentence. It needs to include a few lines explaining your position and providing information learned. Students can reply with information or an opinion, but it also needs to have meaningful information of more than one sentence. Feel free to include YouTube video links, or other material that would support your posting. 3. NO postings or discussions can be made on questions related to the Reading Assignments, Listening Assignments, MindTap Assignments, or Online Tests. Those are deemed individual work. If you have a question about those items, then contact the instructor directly.


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