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Problem: Pilot’s solar radiation exposure is harming their overall health condition. Question: How harmful the impact is it compared to other grounded people? Can it cause a critical health problem in the future? The purpose of the research is to identify airline pilot’s solar radiation exposure’s impact on their health condition and whether it can cause a critical medical issue or not compared to general office workers. The project is hypothesized to show that constant solar radiation exposure for a long period of time will negatively impact human health conditions. Therefore, due to the pilot’s workplace characteristic, it is expected to gain results of pilot’s health condition will be relatively below the compared group due to constant long-term radiation exposure. However, the possibility of the cause of critical disease due to the radiation is not expected since there will be very minimal difference between exposure strength between the two groups. The study will require airline pilots with the flying hours of a minimum of 1500 hours within an age range between 30- and 60-years old. Year of their initial start of flight training will also require for precise record of their exposure time. At least 50 volunteers for both male and female pilots will be needed for the study to analyze whether the difference in sex impacts in a certain way or not. The research project requires grounded people mainly targeting office workers who are not exposed to solar radiation at least 40 hours in 5 consecutive days. Age group between 30- and 60-years old office workers are required for the project. To identify possible outcome difference in sex, at least 50 volunteers for each male and female is required.


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