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The primary focus is on forming a business (the types of different entity structures) and entrepreneurship.For this weeks’ (wk 2) discussion the primary focus is on forming a business (the types of different entity structures) and entrepreneurship (starting a small business). Discussion topic number 1: Explain how the concepts of ethics and social responsibility can have a positive or negative impact on a firm’s ability to do business. Discussion topic number 2: Compare and contrast the various forms of business entities discussed in the chapter. Your responses should include not only the differences but should include scenarios in which one business entity would be better than another. (for example what circumstance you believe forming a corporation would be better than forming a sole proprietorship) Discussion topic number 3: Entreptrneurship/small business is essential to our economy and providing jobs. Explain the pros and cons of starting your own business. Provide examples to support your pro/con statements. “UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS 12TH. EDT. Nickels, McHugh & McHugh ISBN#: 978-1-259-92943-4


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