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Anatomy of an idea 1. Complete these assignments in English Read the 8-page thought leadership point of view ‘Positively Charged’. And write a 300-word blog post in English based on its contents to be attributed to a local Accenture Managing Director, Stanley Xu who is the client account lead of a local Utilities company. (Tips: start with a proper headline; do not copy & paste; do succinct paraphrase as necessary) 2. Develop an integrated marketing & communications plan that demonstrates your thinking around how best to take this piece of thought leadership to market and clients. This short assignment is designed to provide candidates with an opportunity to demonstrate their: Understanding of what it means to develop a thought leadership proposal and follow-through marketing and communications plan Ability to develop a simple marketing and communications plan tailored for the target audience that Accenture serves utilizing the right marketing mix。 Please plan to spend no more than 40 minutes on this. An outline of the marketing plan in Microsoft Powerpoint will suffice. The summary or outline should also include a short justification on why you chose the proposed approach.


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