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Write an analysis/explication of a poem. Essentially, you will be explicating a poem, then discussing how one literary element within that poem works. In other words, this is essentially what you did with the short story – just with a poem for this assignment. For more information on this, see the material in Module 3. Please pick one of the selections below. The length should be three to six pages, not including the works cited page. Here are the selections from which you may choose: “Sonnet 73” Keep in mind that your paper must have a strong main controlling idea, or thesis. In this case, you will be doing an analysis. Explicate and analyze the poem to pull material out and get a grasp on how it functions as a piece of literature. Then choose one of the literary elements that we have discussed and explore how it is working in the poem to make the poem work and create meaning. When you have decided on an element, go back to your explication and use it to draw evidence from the poem to support your thesis. You will probably have at least three or four main points to make to argue your thesis; you will need specific evidence to support each point. Also, keep your overall structure in mind: • Your opening should be engaging and let the reader know what you are arguing. • The middle should include the main points of that argument, presented in a logical order, with transitions from one paragraph to another so that your essay flows well. NOTE: For each main point, you need to present supporting evidence, and be sure that you use reasoning to clearly tie that evidence to the main point. • The ending should tie it all together, give a sense of closure and hopefully leave the reader with an additional parting insight.


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