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 One of the most effective means of learning is to apply what has been learned. The final project provides you with the opportunity to use work from previous papers and discussion forums, but you will also be required to conduct additional research regarding a specific business and country. You are required to adhere to APA guidelines and to cite your sources. Do not copy tables or material and present them as your own. A feature of good academic writing is building on the work of others in presenting a new approach to a business issue. Imagine that you have been tasked by the Director of Finance of your company to perform an analysis of one of your competitors. Please select a publicly traded company; it can be a competitor of the company you work for or any publicly traded company you want to choose. Your assignment is to examine the company on the factors listed below and provide an evidence-based opinion regarding its financial soundness. For this analysis, you will need to investigate the company on the Internet (e.g., www.yahoofinance.com) and through the NJ State Library, examining the various reports that are available. Through the NJ State Library, you should search the electronic databases Mergent Online, Mergent Intellect, and Hoover’s Online. You may find additional information using their subject guides for business at http://libguides.njstatelib.org/business.


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