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Health Campaign


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Section 1: Introduction – Write a brief identifying the health issue that you will address in your paper and why you chose to address this issue introduction (about ½ page) – 2 points. • Section 2: Research – This section should have the header “Research.” In it, you should write a summary of the research that you conducted about your health issue. Based on the research you conducted, you will define the problem, and explain why it is a problem, who is affected and why, the context surrounding the development of this problem, and the strategies that have been or could be implemented to improve the situation. When you are citing research in this section, be sure to use APA style guidelines for your citations (see APA handout on TRACS). This means that you need to cite information even when you are paraphrasing (rephrasing in your own words) (about 1-2 pages) – 9 points. • Section 3: Health Campaign – This is where you will write about the steps of your campaign that you designed/outlined in the previous step (designing the campaign). You will explain the current situation and benefits of your campaign; the target audience characteristics; goals and BURKE objectives of your campaign; the message features and dissemination strategy; as well as your plan to implement, evaluate, and maintain your campaign (about 3-4 pages) – 12 points. • Section 4: Conclusion – Write a conclusion that sums up why you think your health promotion campaign will effectively help you achieve your campaign goals (about ½ page) – 2 points


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