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To what extent can mass media be used to convey the changing ideology of feminist values?


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Possibly add to the research question; “and how does its interpretation change depending on which lens is used”?; This is an IB EE Category 3 English A Language paper – Studies in Language research paper (Textual analysis skills, reference to culture and context, rooted in primary and secondary sources originally written in English. The research is about feminist ideology from a language perspective and during different time periods. – common patterns in texts, – do they support the ideology, – do they refute the ideology, – modern versus contemporary lens, – context for each time period. – Representation of women in advertising throughout the different time periods, representation of feminist values 20th century, Changing roles of women in the 20th century. Always from a language perspective. Please see attachment no 6 for further details. Additional Sources recommendations would be much appreciated.


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