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Term Paper – Each student will complete a term paper by the due date in the semester schedule over a classical composer. This is a written report of 4-5 pages in length (typed with 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, double spaced, with top and bottom margins of 1 inch and side margins no larger than 1.25 inches). The final paper will not be accepted without approval of the outline! The paper must also include a bibliography of sources used (which does not count toward the length requirement) AND internal citations (using MLA format) that indicate which source was used and where. For information on MLA citation and how to cite internally, consult the mla guide provided in the welcome module in Canvas. Please note: a bibliography alone is not enough documentation for a college level term paper. Thoughts within the paper taken from other sources, even if reworded, must be cited using internal citations. If you do not internally cite your sources it is considered plagiarism, as you are not giving the author credit for their intellectual property. A simple title will suffice, no need for class name. After which you should proceed with the content of your paper. NOTE: IF IT IS NOT AN ORIGINAL THOUGHT, IT MUST BE CITED! The report should include the following: When and where the composer was born, lived, and died Major influences in his or her artistic life Major compositions or texts written Other elements you deem important to the composer’s life and compositional output. Emphasis in your paper should be on the historical and musical impact of your chosen composer. Avoid theoretical analyses of the works of the composer, as that is far beyond the scope of this particular class. Biographical materials are available in both the Richland Community College LRC and the Decatur Public Library. You may also find recordings of each composer’s music at the public library. A good resource for beginning research is the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, which may be found in the reference section of the LRC or the reference department at DPL. AT LEAST four sources should be used in writing the paper, with only two coming from the internet (Wikipedia is not a legitimate source!). The other sources must either be a book or an article from a scholarly journal.


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