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Students will be required to write a final paper of 8-10 pages. This assignment will ask you to think through how a given theorist would respond to/analyze a contemporary problem through the logic of their political economy. All papers must consult a minimum of six academic sources in addition to course readings. Papers should be double-spaced, 12-point font, and properly referenced. Topic is: Since the 1980’s employment has changed dramatically. It has become considerably more precarious, predicated increasingly on casual, flexible, low and un-skilled positions. At many points in time this has meant considerable unemployment. Why has the labour market been so considerably restructured? Discuss through either Smith, Marx or Keynes. Use reference — http://sgpwe.izt.uam.mx/files/users/uami/atm/Libros/E._K._Hunt_Mark_Lautzenheiser_History_of_EconomBookZZ.org.pdf AND 6+ others


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