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Argumentative Research Paper You will write a research paper which argues position on a focused topic about Diversity and Immigration. Your arguments must be logical, clear, and well supported using academic sources. You should also use rhetorical devices in your paper to achieve your purpose and convince your audience. Paper Requirements: • 4-5 typed pages, standard font and paper formatting. • At least three academic sources. • MLA citations and Works Cited page. Graded Assignments: 1. Annotated Bibliography (100 pts) 2. Draft (50 pts) 3. Final Paper (200 pts) Grading Criteria for Final Draft • Main Idea (25%): Paper develops a clear position on a focused topic with logical, relevant persuasive reasons. • Content Development (25%): Supporting ideas are well developed using relevant evidence from academic sources. • Organization (15%): Well organized with clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Effective transitions guide the reader through the paper. • Rhetorical Strategies (10%): Effective use of a variety of rhetorical devices to argue your position and convince your audience. • Language (15%): Writing is easy to understand. There may be minor errors in grammar or vocabulary that do not interfere with overall meaning. • MLA Citations (10%): Sources are correctly cited in-text and in the Works Cited page.


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