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You are a marketing executive and the organization you work for is looking to evaluate their use of multi-channel marketing. You have been asked to prepare a report that highlights the role, relevance, and implications of using multi-channel marketing methods in relation to your organization. the company should be Domino’s Pizza In order to fulfil this task you must: 1. Briefly introduce the organisation, including target consumers and competitors. 2. Discuss the marketing landscape and its effect on the organisation, including the impact of digital marketing. 3. Evaluate the organisations use of multi-channel marketing methods, including comparison between the use of multi-channel marketing methods to conventional marketing methods, using examples. These methods may include social media, physical stores, catalogues, websites, direct mail, email, mobile marketing, SEO, GPS location marketing. 4. You must include your research and analysis to show your understanding of the organisations usage of multi-channel marketing methods. 5. Evaluate the key aspects of law and codes of conduct that guide the organisation in its use of marketing.


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