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Analyze how Viktor Frankl uses two different levels of diction in the following passage as he explains the technique of paradoxical intention.(refer to the two levels of diction as either formal English or informal English).Quote the text to support your analysis in which you explain how frankl uses varing levels of vocabulary, including jargon- a category of formal English to make his point. “logotherapy base its technique called ‘parodical intention’ on the twofold fear brings about that which one is afraid of, and the hyper-intention makes possible what one wishes….In this approache the phobic patient is invited to attend ,even if only for a moment, precisely that which he fears. Let me recall a case .A young physician consulted me because of his fear of perspiring.Whenever he expected an outbreak of perspiration, this anticipatory anxiety was enough to precipitate excessive sweating . In order to cut this circle formation, I advised the patient, in the event that sweating should occur, to revolve deliberately to show how much he could sweat. A week later he returned to report that whenever he met anyone who triggered his anticipatory anxiety, he said to himself, ‘I only sweat a quart before , but now I’m going to pour out at least ten quarts! The result was that after suffering from his phobia for four years, he was able , after a single session.to free himself permanently of it within one week” “Logotherapy in a nutshell” 124


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