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A comparative study of Apple Inc.’s performance with Steve Jobs and Tim Cook as CEO


Paper details:

Progressive delivery will be of the following form: 1. 500 words draft (“BM 500 Words structure.docx” form attached, please follow the structure); then I will get feedback on it and let you know what the supervisor is saying; 2. 1,000 words draft (on the same form, based on the previous 500 words); then I will get feedback on it and let you know what the Supervisor is saying; 3. 3,000 words the final paper (including references; based on the previous 1,000 words): Please follow the structure in the attached file called “BM Part 1 PROPOSAL 3000 word Structure incl Refs list and Assessment Criteria”; This has to leave room for a further paper which I am going to do on the next semester (another 5,000 words on the same topic). Now, regarding the topic, I am looking at getting a comparison of how Apple Inc was performing during Steve Jobs and how it is doing now, during Tim Cook; Some of the aspects I am looking to see, depending of the availability of information the writer can find (academic journals, google scholars, governmental websites and some other reliable sources) are: from a financial point of view (profit, shares value on the stock market, etc.), market share within the industry, brand trust/performance/awareness, staff motivation, company culture or other aspects, but please make somehow to state in the introduction which ones will be discussed and bear in mind there are only 3,000 words (including the references) so do not go for too many topics, please, if there is information you need to show, it can be added in the Appendix. I have attached a file called: “BM_EXCELLENT_MKT”, please give it a read as this the kind of thing the university is expecting from us to be in the first class grade range.


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