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Fast fashion vs sustainable fashion 

The report should be geared for specific readers. In the workplace, reports may be read by multiple readers who have different levels of technical knowledge. You may choose to write for others in your career field, those who are still students, majoring in your career, or for a lay audience. The instructor, who may not be your intended audience, is a lay reader, so if the report is geared toward a technical audience, you will need to define terminology and provide more background about the issue. The report will contain the following information: Summary of the ethical dilemma or controversy A discussion of the ethical issues relating to the dilemma A comparison of the different options for solving the dilemma A proposed solution containing your personal perspective Ethical dilemmas and controversies are not always easily resolved. This research is designed to help you examine and analyze a controversy in your career field. Research Guidelines: 1. You must use a minimum of five (5) sources for the researched report. The sources should be varied, and no more than two web sites can be used as sources. Encyclopedias and dictionaries may be used in the research process but cannot be counted as part of the minimum five sources needed. Due to the unreliability of Wilkipedia, it may not be used as a resource. 2. The report must properly document the sources from which the borrowed information comes by using the Modern Language Association’s (MLA) format for documentation. The paper will include a Works Cited page at the end providing complete reference information about all sources used and will include in-text or parenthetical citations throughout the body


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