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Public administration and Governance 

This is your Final Exam for CPPA 101. Please Answer FIVE (5) of the following questions and return your responses as Word documents to the Final Exam Dropbox Folder no later than July 30, 2019 at 12pm. Answers should be approximately 350-500 words in length. Each question will be graded out of five (5) marks for a total of 25 percent. Although there are ten (10) questions listed, you are only responsible for answering the five (5) of your choice. While you are welcome to consult external sources, there is no requirement that you do so. Your answers should demonstrate clear evidence that you have consulted and understood our course readings. The best answers will reference the readings and apply them to demonstrate knowledge of the subject-matter. Although your exam should be in APA format, you do not have to cite every single point you draw from the modules, the textbook, or the discussion questions unless you are citing a quote. Similarly, if you are bringing in external resources (not a requirement, but this is an option) you should cite it. Given that this is a take-home exam, I will be expecting a higher quality of reply than I would in an in-class, timed exam. ‘A’ level answers will demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject-matter, and an ability to critically engage with the questions. To this end, I am not looking for summaries of the readings, but rather your ability to use the readings to address the questions. The best answers will incorporate course themes and discussions into their answers. Sources used should be referenced using APA formatting as you would with any academic paper. You should also include a title page. Because this is an exam, I am unavailable during the exam period to answer content-based questions. Your answers are NOT required to have an argument or a thesis, although it would serve you well to clearly articulate your answers near the beginning of each response. Be sure to clearly state which question(s) you are answering in your replies. Answer only one question at a time. Please Answer Five (5) of the following questions in sentence format: 1. Provide an explanation as to how each of democracy, federalism, and cabinet-parliamentary government have influenced the organization of the public administration in Canada? Explain your answer and provide examples.

2. Provide an outline of TWO organizational theories that you think have had an impact on the Canadian public administration, and explain why and how you think these theories have influenced governance in Canada. What about these theoretical approaches have made them ideal for the Canadian public administration and has helped to shape its unique complexion? 3. What features of classic, structuralist and humanist theories best explain the relationship between managers and workers in public sector organizations? Compare these theories to contemporary theories of public administration and assess whether they promote participation by ordinary bureaucrats in the decision-making process of government organizations, or simply rationalize authoritarian control by management 4. If you were prime minister, how many government departments would you create and what would they be? What areas, if any, would you privatize and why? Justify your answer by explaining what areas of life contemporary government should be involved in. 5. Explain how the interplay of democracy and political culture affect public administration in Canada. Explain the difference between state and government and analyze how different forms of democracy affect the way government is structured, organized and run in Canada. 6. Explain what Ministerial responsibility is and how it is related to responsible government. Explain why you think it is or is not sufficient to hold the public administration to account. 7. Which of the major theories of public policy do you think is most relevant to address the issues Canada confronts in the 21st Century? 8. Describe whether you think that a written or unwritten constitutional system is a preferable way govern a society, and, offering examples, provide an appraisal of what you think of Canada’s hybrid constitutional structure, which contains elements of both. 9. The evolution of the federal spending power as a convention in Canada has allowed the federal government to have considerable influence in areas of provincial constitutional jurisdiction. Given what you know about the nature of federalism in Canada, explain whether you think the federal spending power has had a positive or negative influence on public sector governance in Canada. Explain your answer. 10. Compare and contrast the following organizational forms, including the rationale for their establishment, structures, functions, mandates and accountability relationships: a) Departments b) Central Agencies c) Regulatory Agencies d) Crown Corporations


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