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 1. https://www.recycling-revolution.com 2. https:// www.epa.gov/Smm/recycling • It is a research paper • Don’t use plagiarism Note:- Recycling is the process through which obsolete objects and waste materials are converted into new material and objects. Manufacturing companies do waste pollution to the environment by producing goods and commodities that are used by consumers. Once the consumers have used the products in their daily needs, they usually dispose of the waste to the environment knowingly and unknowingly, and this causes a lot of harm in the environment. (Han et al. 1-11). However, efforts have been made to curb this scenario by different countries across the globe, but the same has received minimal penetration. There are various benefits brought in by recycling of waste materials. The benefits revolve around economic and environmental factors. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency 2016, waste materials and products can create jobs and thereby reduce the rate of unemployment in a country. According to the study done by National Recycling Economic Information (REI) 2016, “there were 757,000 jobs created, $36.6 Billion in wages generated and $6.7 Billion in tax revenues” realized which helped the U.S. government to run her operations. The statistics equate that “1.57 jobs, $76,000 in wages, and $14,101 in tax revenues” were realized in every 1,000 tons of waste materials that were recycled in 2016.


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