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In this assignment, you are being asked to analyze the iconography (aka content) of a famous painting NOT its style/technique/form. Specifically, you will read carefully the texts that inspired a famous Botticelli Venus painting and compare the texts to the painting. Please select either Botticelli’s Birth of Venus or the Primavera, and annotate the painting using the textual sources provided. Use the following texts to annotate *precisely* what the painting and the textual source have in common, and what is missing (what is not found in the texts provided). Your summary paragraph this time should consider the extent to which the artist follows the text, and how he might have used creative license to depart from it. THE TEXTS ARE ATTACHED BELOW. Note: Both paintings, especially the Primavera, have multiple textual sources in both classical (Latin and Greek) and vernacular (Italian). Please focus on the figures for which I provided texts: Cupid (Primavera), the Graces (Primavera), Flora (Primavera/Birth of Venus), and Venus (Birth of Venus). This assignment is designed to train you in close looking and close reading this time. Be as precise and detailed as possible, especially concerning any deviations from the text. **each annotation should be its own paragraph. Make sure to make them detailed, but concise. **ALSO, follow the instructions related to the summary paragraph detailed above.


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