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Research Paper ( 8 Pages ) The Research Paper will be an analysis of a collaborative effort of the student’s choosing. The topic may be a collaboration within a single entity (a community or a place of employment) or one that involves multiple organizations. Personal involvement in the subject collaboration is a plus as it allows the student to bring personal observation into the discussion, but it is not required. The topic must be approved by the instructor. In completing the analysis, students will demonstrate understanding of concepts discussed in class assignments and readings. The paper shall be eight to ten pages in length (double spaced/12-point font size), excluding the abstract, references and any supplemental materials, and will use APA format for reference citation and structure. The paper will follow the following outline: Abstract (on separate page) Introduction Description of Collaboration, including who is involved, objectives, status (e.g., in preparation, ongoing, completed), measures of success, etc. Analysis of leadership challenges, success/failure, reasons why Analysis of lessons learned that can be applied to other collaborative efforts Summary and Conclusion References Supplemental Materials (Optional) ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Reflection Paper ( 2 Pages ) The Reflection Paper should be at least two pages but should not exceed four pages (double spaced/12- point font size). It will be a narrative that summarizes the student’s personal “key learnings” from the course and how they can be applicable to the student’s work or personal life. In addition to submitting the paper, a summary (two – four paragraphs citing one or two key items) will should be posted in a Discussion Forum. Evaluation of this summary will be included as part of the 15% of students’ overall grade allocated in Activity Weight for the Reflection Paper. ……………………………………………………………………. “Collaborative nursing home leadership ” Research Paper needs to include this following topics. You can rewriting from the “Collaborative Healthcare leadership” ( additional file ) but change to the topic to “nursing home” details and including this following information on the paper .( see detail on the PDF file ) 1: The Context of Collaboration ( unit2 ) 2 An Organization Model of Collaboration ( unit3 ) 3: Teams- The Heart of Collaboration ( unit4 ) 4: Developing People ( uni5 ) 5: Leading Change ( unit6 )


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