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Description Introduction: (500 words max but i have already written 200 words) Anti-semitism is the form of ideological oppression that targets Jews as a religious or racial group; it has persisted in many forms for over two thousand years. My Personal Interest Project will endeavour to formulate an understanding of what Anti-semitism is, investigate the individual and collective root causes of Anti-semitism that have influenced the prevalence of the prejudicial behaviour throughout time and the successfulness of intervention methods that are being taken to counteract the discrimination faced by the Jewish communities in Australia. I will be using secondary research to analyse what individual and societal attitudes, values and beliefs towards Jews influence trends in Anti-Semitic incidents in Australia. My interest in Anti-semitism stemmed from my interactions with the Jewish community where I witnessed and experienced various forms of Anti-semitism both through technologies in the media and in person. This lead me to question why these prejudicial beliefs and behaviours against Jews still exist in the 21st Century; an age where racism and discrimination against groups and minorities is highly frowned upon and illegal. actions are being taken to mitigate Anti-semitism’s prevalence in Australia. I was drawn to finding out how prevalent antisemitism was in Australia on a micro, meso and macro level and what measures were being taken to prevent these prejudicial beliefs. CENTRAL MATERIAL (2500-3000 WORDS) chapter 1,2 and 3 Chapter 1:

What is anti-semitism Why is an understanding of Anti-semitism important? 


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