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Using your knowledge of pathophysiology and research, you will need to present a differential of three disorders that could account for your patient’s symptoms. Patient: 12-year-old male with no past medical history, developmentally normal, and has recently been bullied at school although he hasn’t told anyone. Immunizations are up to date. Likes to play Lacrosse and is normally very active, but over the summer he has put on 15 pounds. His mother has noticed that he is drinking a lot of water and is up and down all night going to the bathroom. One younger sister with no issues. Currently raised by mother; father not regularly involved in care. To complete your assignment: Choose one patient scenario. Consider what you have learned this semester and review Chapters 23 and 27. (using the book by Hubert and VanMeter -Goulds Pathophysiology for Professionals) **Offer 3 differential diagnosis for what might be troubling your patient. -Provide rationale with citations for each of your differential diagnosis. -What would be your first course of action for your patient. -What safety issues, if any, did you recognize for your patient? -Summarize the scenario and what you chose as your final diagnosis for your patient and why. **Make sure that you address psychosocial issues/concerns/contributors along with content related to substance abuse should this be appropriate* 


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