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International Purchasing and Supply Management


3000 words only



In this essay, you are to critical evaluate a company‘s purchasing and supply management strategies and practices.  This company is a start-up based on your business proposal and you are going to design the purchasing and supply strategies and practices for your business.  You can focus on the purchasing and supply management of the company for all its products/services or only focus on one product/service.  You need to discuss how you have managed the purchasing and supply in addressing global challenges such as sustainable development and cultural diversity.


In building your answer the following structure is applied:


1. Introduction:  orient the reader and create interest in this essay. Background of the company and its business strategies.                                                                                  10 marks                                                                                                        

2. Purchasing and sourcing strategy:  how the purchasing and sourcing strategy supports the business strategies.  In the discussion, you may elaborate on the following aspects but not limited to

           Decisions on make or buy

           Sourcing strategy (e.g. local/global, single/multiple supplier…)

           Supplier selection

                                                                                                                               30 marks


3. Supply base management:  how the supply base is managed to create competitive advantages for the company. In the discussion, you may elaborate on the following aspects but not limited to


           Supplier performance evaluation and management

           Supplier development

           Supplier early involvement

           Supply risk management

           Supplier relationship management

                                                                                                                  50 marks


4. Conclusion:  finalizes your essay by critically assessing your proposed strategies and practices.                                                                                                                10 marks




Refer to the literature, taking care to use the Harvard style of citation and ensuring all references are included in the final reference list.  You should search academic databases gathering and reviewing relevant papers and theories to support your discussion and arguments, and demonstrate higher levels of learning, i.e. analysis, synthesis and evaluation.




Assignments should be a maximum of 3,000 words in length.


The word limit is an extremely important aspect of good academic practice, and must be adhered to.  Unless stated specifically otherwise in the relevant module handbook, the word count includes EVERYTHING (i.e. all text in the main body of the assignment including summaries, subtitles, contents pages, tables, supportive material whether in footnotes or in-text references) except the main title, reference list and/or bibliography and any appendices.

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