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Your PowerPoint should cover the following: the social issue you researched for your literature review, the organization you choose that relates to the issue, and a connection to the issue as it occurred in Othello.(racism in Othello) Your number of slides is up to you, but here is a basic idea: Slide One: Intro Slide ( 1.why I am choosing this organization, 2. what does it do) 3. why is it important Slides 2-5 (ish): Background research (from lit review) on the issue. Slides 6-10 (ish): Info on the organization Slidea 11-12: connection to Othello Slides 13-15: APA formatted References TIP: Be sure you have revised the PowerPoint! You will be penalized for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and the use of incorrect format! TIP: pictures, quotes, data, and statistics must be cited in the slide with a proper parenthetical citation!


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