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Argumentative essay Over the past week or so, we have been closely examining the Harry Potter series from two opposing religious contexts: those in favor of Harry as a Christian figure, and those who view the Harry Potter series as inherently anti-Christian. For this assignment, you will select one of three potential prompts, each of which will require you to consider Harry Potter from a religious angle distinct from those that we will be looking at in class, and compose an argumentative essay supported by research. In order to complete this task successfully, you will need to take a firm position on this issue and make this position explicit in your paper, using examples from both the series and scholarship in order to support your thesis. The prompt options are as follows: Option One: Harry Potter and the Canon of Saints Essay. In Harry Potter and the Legends of Saints, Hennequin draws connections between Harry, Neville, and the legend of St. George. Conduct some research on other saints in the Catholic Canon, and make an argument on how characters in the series embody the traits and/or echo the stories of other patron saints. Support your argument with at least 3 secondary scholarly sources and 1 primary source. Option Two: Non-Christian Perspectives Essay. Conduct research on a world religion other than Christianity and this religion’s views on the Harry Potter series. Develop your own argument relating the two. If you cannot find any material specifically stating the religion’s views of Harry Potter, then make your own educated guess based on the scholarly research you have found on your selected religion. Support your argument with at least 3 secondary sources and 1 primary source. Option Three: Contributing to the Conversation Essay. For this option, you will be engaging directly with existing perspectives we have looked at for the series. This argument could be expanding upon one of the bodies of argument we’ve looked at, challenging/refuting existing arguments, or developing your own religious perspective on the series. Support your argument with at least 3 secondary sources and 1 primary source. Each of these prompts encourages you to develop a more specific, focused argument, begin conducting your own academic research, and support your own position through a combination of both secondary (scholarly) and primary (Harry Potter) sources while engaging in the act of digital composition. In this way, this paper, regardless of which prompt you select, will help you to continue to develop your argumentative writing skills and prepare you for the final research paper. The different prompt options allow you to think of this topic from a new angle and explore your own interests while reinforcing important writing skills and concepts. Additional Requirements 


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