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The Normal Distribution Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: • OpenStax Textbook: Chapter 2, 6, 7- Attached • Lesson- Attached • Minimum of 1 scholarly source and one from text or lesson In your reference for this assignment, be sure to include both your text/class materials AND your outside reading(s). Initial Post Instructions Many variables in medicine follow a normal distribution where there are approximately an equal number of values below the mean as above the mean. Describe two variables that you work with that would probably follow a normal distribution. Also note which of the two variables would be likely to have a larger standard deviation and why. Writing Requirement • APA format for in-text citations and list of references The Big Picture – Week Five This week we’re going to shift our attention from “discrete distributions” which have only a finite set of values to “continuous distributions” where the data can take on a potentially infinite range of values. The most common of these, the normal distribution, can be used to describe a wide variety of physical phenomena including medical relevant data like heights and weights. Supplemental Materials / Lectures The Normal Distribution (Links to an external site.) The Empirical Rule (Links to an external site.) Calculating Normal Probabilities (Links to an external site.)


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