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Annotated Artifacts& annotated bibliography 

5 APA formatted bibliography citations with accompanying annotations from this quarters readings Annotations should include: APA citation; A statement of the readings thesis; A statement of a personal/professional connection. Each one has at least 150 words no more than 180 words. 1Annotated Artifacts (i.e. samples of your work) Each annotated artifact need at least 100 words. Each annotation should answer these five questions: what is it? by whom was it produced? (aka acknowledge if it was a group project or solely created by you) (all 5 essays solely created by myself) when was it produced? (summer quarter) why was it produced? (aka what was the assignment) (Foundations of strategic communication management class Reaction Paper and Stakeholder Statement) what is it intended to show? (i.e. what learning outcomes does it represent and/or what skills, tool, or technique did you develop? what did you learn from its production?)


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