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“Where you live, the people you associate with, and various social and political characteristics help shape our opinions on a variety of challenging issues that we face every day. As Americans, we face challenges of a changing climate (and associated natural disasters), environmental concerns (like the 2010 BP oil spill), food standards (like the use of antibiotics in cattle) for example. People from around the world are also dealing with these same issues, often from a very different perspective (did you know that many food preservatives commonly used in the United States are banned in Europe?). As a result, we can start to see the impact of culture and geography on how we think about and deal with these challenging issues.” Compare and contrast the ways in which attitudes and opinions differ between the United States and another country (writer’s choice) as related to agricultural production and genetically modified foods. Report will be descriptive and factual in nature, with clarity of organization and expression as well as a demonstration of an understanding of the area and topic. 7 pages in length (not including Works Cited page,) typed, double-spaced, and should also include: a clear title and topic statement, an introduction, body (with supporting citations,) and summary and/or conclusion, and a works cited page (at least 4 different credible sources, no Wikipedia.)


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