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 Read: the following two articles found in the Module 6 Assigned Reading: The Circular Supply Chain Linking Supply Chain Performance to a Firm’s Financial Performance. Scenario: Imagine that you are planning to open a new online retailer to compete with Amazon. Consider how you would structure the backward flow of products, capital, and/or information for your new organization to maximize financial performance as well as customer service. Directions: In 1 to 2 double-spaced pages (plus a title and reference pages) explain your analysis of this problem. Use the following headings to frame the body of your paper. See grading rubric for grading criteria on each section. Explain the problem (Explain Questions) Analysis of relevant information (Analyze/Interpret) Potential solution options (Evaluate Information) Determine specific action to take (Generate Conclusion) Submit your work as a single MS Word formatted document to this assignment link no later than the posted deadline.


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