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 Identify one of Gardner’s 8 intelligences that you excel in and briefly explain how you know that you excel in it. State whether you think your talent in this area is due to nature or nurture and explain your reasoning. Then, identify one of Gardner’s 8 intelligences that you are not as good at, and briefly explain how you know that this isn’t one of your talents. The following are the eight intelligences Linguistic- includes vocubalry and the use of language Logico-Mathematical- Includes reasoning (logic) and mathematical skills Musical- Inlcudes ability to appreciate music or to express one’s self through music (by playing or creating music) Spatial- Includes the ability to manipulate objects mentally through space or to understand spatial relationships Bodily-Kinesthetic- Includes the ability to understand and use one’s body in creative or athletic ways. Interpersonal- Includes getting along with others and undestanding social relationships Intrapersonal- Includes self-control and knowledge of self; mental health, metacognition Naturalistic- includes the ability to see the “big picture” in the world- identify how things fit with others, see relationships among categories


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