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How do (and should) organisations buy? Given your answer to the above, how do (and should) marketers respond? The third component is an annotated bibliography. This should contain the full list of all of the material you cited in the two essays above (i.e., create only one bibliography) with a critical review for the five (5) articles that most affected your understanding of the material so far. The length guide for the short essays is 1500 words (approximately 750 words each). The word limit for the annotations in the bibliography 500 words (approximately 100 words for each of the annotations). In-text citations, diagrams, footnotes, headings and the full bibliographic entries do not count. General Guidance The following will help you with your preparation: Only use the articles you have been asked to read in this module. Using other material fails to demonstrate that you have mastered the module reading. All of the readings are potentially relevant and valuable to your answer. You will need to make critical choices about what to include. Between your two answers you should be drawing on material from at least weeks two, three and four (and answers could incorporate material from weeks one, five and six, but only as minor additional notes). You can assume that the reader has access to all of the articles and you therefore do not need to waste words with detailed summaries. You may include diagrams and tables (and these do not count toward the word count), these can be your own, modified versions of ones in the articles, or reproductions of ones in the articles. You may write in the first person if you wish. All of the articles you have been asked to read have used subheadings, you are encouraged to use them too. Please use Harvard referencing style, as used by all articles except Webster and Wind (1972) and Abratt and Kelly (2002). Annotated Bibliography An annotated bibliography is quite simple. You will produce a bibliography as usual, that includes the articles cited in your two short essays. After a the five articles that influenced you the most, include paragraph or two of critical review. For example: Frow, Pennie, McColl-Kennedy, Janet R., Hilton, Toni, Davidson, Anthony, Payne, Adrian , and Brozovic, Danilo (2014) “Value propositions: A service ecosystems perspective”, Marketing Theory, 14(3), 327-51. Lovelock, Christopher and Evert Gummesson (2004) “Whither Services Marketing? In Search of New Paradigm and Fresh Perspectives,” Journal of Service Research, 7(1), pp20-41 Vargo, Stephen L & Lusch, Robert F (2004) “Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing” Journal of Marketing, 68(1), 1-17.


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