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 Format An individual project that will take the form of an essay. Overview This project combines elements of Units 6 – 9, covering diffusion networks, change agents and opinion leaders, innovation consequences, and large-scale/societal implications. Instructions Identify a large-scale innovation that has been introduced within the last fifteen (15) years. Please avoid choosing an innovation that is a communication or computing technology. Remember, it can be a new idea, practice, behavior, etc. Be creative and surprise us! Once you have identified the innovation: Introduce the innovation by providing a brief, 1 – 2 paragraph summary of its history, use(s), key features, etc. If it helps to visually depict the innovation, feel free to do so in the report; however, limit the total number of images to no more than two (2) and keep them small. Images should not significantly take up writing space. Then, analyze either the role that diffusion networks or change agents and opinion leaders played in the innovation’s spread. Then, assess the positive and negative consequences of the innovation using a perspective of your choice (e.g., direct – indirect). Lastly, evaluate the possible long term societal implications of your chosen innovation. You may have to speculate here, but do more than just predict – also evaluate your predictions. Conclude with a brief paragraph that summarizes the main points of your analysis. Requirements Submissions are to be typed, double-spaced, with 11 or 12 point font, and 1-inch margins. Length is 1250-2750 words, plus the reference list. Within the body of the paper, use headings to organize the content. The first page (no separate title page, just the top of the first page) must include: Title of paper (Make it interesting! Don’t just give it the title, “Project 2”) Your name Course prefix and number Date Reference page (this is the last page of the paper) Must include a minimum of four (4) outside sources to support the main points of the paper. One source for each section of the paper, excluding the conclusion. The sources must be from credible organizations, such as academic, professional, news, or governmental groups. Basic format for the reference list should be: Author (year), Article name, URL or Journal/ Magazine/ Book name; example:


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