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APA Format Subcultures and Countercultures are present in all aspects of our social lives. Many times, filmmakers take on a subculture or counterculture as a subject for one of their movies. At times this can be problematic as certain elements of the subculture and/or counterculture can be misrepresented or distorted. For this assignment, you will watch a feature-length film about a subculture or counterculture and then analyze the film using concepts you have learned in this course. This assignment is designed to meet the following learning outcomes: Compare and contrast the major contemporary sociological theories. Represent knowledge of the key concepts in sociology including culture, social structure, social interactions and organizations. For this assignment: Pick a film that emphasizes a particular subculture from the list. If there is another film that you would like to use for this assignment, you must get prior approval. Office Space – Corporate culture The general subcultures for each film are listed in the descriptions. You may write about the subculture that is identified or you may choose to narrow your assignment further. For example, if you chose the Shawshank Redemption, you could write about prison culture in general, prison guard culture, or prisoner culture. It’s up to you whether you choose to narrow the focus of your assignment. Regardless of your choice, select only ONE subculture to discuss and be consistent throughout your assignment. While watching the film, you should take notes so that you remember key moments and events (and you won’t have to re-watch the film). Please note that you will need to refer to specific incidents, events and quotes in your In the assignment that you submit, answer the following questions. Film: Identify the film you watched and the subculture you will discuss in this Subculture or Counterculture: Briefly describe the subculture depicted in the Give specific examples to illustrate and support your argument. Is the group represented in your film a subculture or a counterculture? Define the term (subculture or counterculture) in your own words. Do not directly quote lecture or the book (although you should reference one or both in your citation). What are some of the distinctive markers of the subculture or counter culture that set this group apart from dominant culture? Analysis: Pick 5 concepts from the list that follows. For each separate concept that you choose, define (in your own words) and explain how this concept was illustrated in the film. You will need to refer to specific instances, events and quotes from the film. Number each concept (1-5 or a-e) and discuss each for 1-2 paragraphs. Concepts to choose from: Dominant culture Material culture Beliefs Values Norms (you can discuss folkways, mores, and/or taboos) Sanctions Symbols Language/Argot Culture Shock Ethnocentrism Socialization Agency Critical Assessment of the Film: By their very nature, fictional films distort reality. How well do you think that this film represents the subculture or counterculture that it portrays? Your answer will be graded on how well you argue your point. Your discussion should be 1-2 paragraphs. Here are some additional notes on formatting your assignment. You must address explicitly each of the questions above, following the outline It is a good idea to label your answers with the outline numbers provided (1, 2, 3, etc.). All of your answers must be in complete sentences. You are not required to use additional However, should you choose to do so, you should reference source materials using standard APA citation format (Links to an external site.). Plagiarism on any part of this assignment will result in a zero and possible student code of conduct violations. Style, grammar and spelling will be taken If you struggle with any of these issues, I highly recommend that you visit the Writing Center (Links to an external site.). The tone of the assignment should be formal and academic (avoid slang and colloquialisms (Links to an external site.)). Your writing level should be college-appropriate and the final assignment should be fully Collaboration is All work must be your own.


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