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Criteria for Evaluation of the theory ( How does the theory meet the criteria?) a. Structure i. Explicitly and /or implicitly described concepts ( including the four concepts of the Metaparadigm of nursing: nurse/nursing; health; environment) ii. Explicitly and/ or implicitly describe concept relationships. iii. Capability of concept relationships to describe, explain, and/ or predict outcomes ( applicability of the theory) b. Clarity i. Specific or vague definitions of each concept, sub-concept, and concept relationship. ii. Presence/ absence of coined words; explicit/ implicit definitions of coined words. iii. Gaps and ambiguities in the structure and application of the theory. iv. Goodness of fit of all concepts within the theory. v. Logical. c. Simplicity/ Complexity i. Number of concept / sub-concepts and concept relationships in the theory. ii. Comprehensiveness(concepts and relationships sufficient to describe, explain, or predict) iii. Primary outcome of the theory application regarding describing, explaining, and/ or predicting outcomes. d. Generality i. specific or general purpose(s) and sub-purpose(s) ii. Specific or general concepts and sub-concepts. iii. Narrow or broad definitions of terms. e. Empirical precision i. Testability of concepts and relationships of theory (observable and /or measurable) ii. Number and type of research studies completed to test theory and/ or theory application. f. Derivable consequences i. Usefulness of theory in research, practice, and education (nursing or other disciplines) ii. Number and type of applications of the theory. iii. Significance of theory to discipline iv. Identification of cases where the theory is applicable and cases where the theory is not applicable. g. Summary of strengths and weakness i. Strengths of theory ii. Weakness of theory iii. suggested revisions to further develop the theory based upon changes in the environment (physical, psychological, social, and cultural) and in advanced nursing practice.


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