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 You may use the same references and add 2 more. Please follow instructions to the exact request. Read each line and answer each questions in instruction from 1-6. Also please add speaker notes to each slides with precise and clear. For slides please use 5-7 rule limit what is posted on slide but explain thoroughly in speaker notes. Make sure conclusion is: Summary of the key points regarding the: Healthcare concern Proposed solution Presentation to the elected official – 1. Overview of healthcare policy in the nursing profession: This section provides an overview of healthcare policy advocacy as it relates to advanced practice. It should contain the following elements: • Explanation of how healthcare policy can impact the nursing profession • Explanation of why advocacy is considered an essential component of the advance practice nurse’s role • Impact of healthcare policy on population health 2. Selected healthcare policy concern and resolution: This section provide an identification of the selected healthcare concern and its proposed resolution. It should contain the following elements: • Provide a comprehensive description of the healthcare concern • Describe the impact of the concern upon the population group and community • Describe, with detail, the proposed solution to healthcare concern • Clearly identify the slides provided to the elected official 3. Description of the meeting with the elected official: This section provides a detailed description of the meeting with the elected official. It should contain the following elements: • The name and position of the elected official • Explanation of why this individual was selected • Description of the meeting by including information as: o Day/time of meeting- which was 7/10/19 o Location of meeting-(in office) at 96 E Main Street (Suite 5) East Islip, NY 11730 o Materials/handouts used during the presentation • Describe the response of the elected official to your presentation and proposed solution-He was very interested/ had a lot to say about the healthcare concern (immunization and school age children) 4. Future plans regarding selected healthcare concern: This section provides an opportunity to discuss way to foster ongoing or future advocacy regarding the selected healthcare concern and proposed resolution. It should contain the following elements: • Describe possible future opportunities to be an advocate for your selected healthcare concern and proposed solution • Identify the revisions you would make in the proposed solution • Select a professional nursing organization and discuss how this organization could be helpful in fostering or supporting your proposed solution 5. Conclusion: This section requires a summary of the key points regarding the healthcare concern, proposed solution and presentation to the elected official


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