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Summary:Short Term Papers (2.5-5 pages): Take a topic that reflects a current event or a theoretical principal of feminism or gender and write a short paper backing up an argument your making with evidence. use a feminist or gendered lens to help us understand current event or a theoretical principal.Layout:Introduction- .5 pagesSay why we should care about your argument.State clearly your argument. Body paragraphs- 1-3 pagesBack up your argument with evidence. Each paragraph should reflect a piece of evidence that directly backs up your thesis. Conclusion- .5 pagesWorks Cited page (should be APA, MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard, any are acceptable so long as they are appropriately formatted). Example: Introduction- .5 pagesSo what? Why should someone care about your argument:We should care about how women deal with immigration differently because the threats to women and girls are manifestly different in terms of treatment, punishment, potential for assault and human trafficking.State clearly your argument:I argue that being a woman contributes directly to this differential treatment as an immigrant.Body paragraphs- 1-3 pages- Evidence:Sexual assault targets women migrants at a rate of *blank


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