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 Table: number of shares created, cancelled, outstanding and executed, each of these separately for buy and sell orders, in every minute of the day (ET). – Table: above table further broken down by orders which are at or below the best bid (for buy orders) or offer (for sell orders), within 0.25%, 0.5%, 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% of best bid (for buy orders) and best offer (for sell orders) – Table: top 500 sell-side orders deep in the order book cancelled sorted by most rapidly canceled, order size in descending order – Table: minutes with largest price change (using executed trades) and most cancelled sell side share volume and least executed sell side share volume, include the volume data – Table: same as prior table but replace sell side with net sell minus buys, include the volume data – Figure: price change over day (using executed trades) – Figure: number of created and canceled orders over the day – Figure: cumulative abnormal sell-side cancellations over the day, by order book band given above, derived from a minute-level regression model of sell-side cancellations on creations. I’m envisioning a stacked area chart where each band is the cumulative abnormal sell-side volume. Later on, we will add other days to make this abnormal calculation more realistic. – Figure: cumulative abnormal net cancellations (sell minus buy), by order band, following similar regression model


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