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 Introduction You are an analyst at an accountable care organization that has recently been formed due largely to state funding that was allocated to improve population health, and management. You are planning to invite stakeholders to a presentation to explain why there is a need for a combined population health management system. This system will collect de-identified patient data into one central repository that can be used to analyze and even predict population health trends. You are creating a memo inviting each of the stakeholders to participate. In this memo, you will explain key population health ideas so they understand why their contribution is essential and why they should plan to attend the meeting. This requires you to create buy-in across multiple organizations: County hospital, medical school (provides ambulatory care services via physicians, residents, fellows and medical students), a private for-profit healthcare system, and a Medicare Advantage Plan through United Healthcare. In creating this memo, you will need to demonstrate why it is essential for collaboration to occur which may feel counterintuitive to the for-profit entities for example. Plan to explain what the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim initiative is. You will also need to explain why each entity is actually a stakeholder in Population Health and why everyone should be prepared to consider contributing their information in an attempt to explain Population Health, Population Health Improvement, and Population Health management. Directions Carefully Read: Swarthout, M., & Bishop, M. A. (2017). Population health management: Review of concepts and definitions. American Journal Of Health-System Pharmacy, 74(18), 1405-1411. doi:10.2146/ajhp170025 Initial Post: Based on their observations, in this scenario, and upon a careful review of the available literature, the student is to: Consider him or herself to be the analyst at an accountable care organization. The student is to prepare a formal memo which will go out to the leadership team of each stakeholder. As a reminder, the student must convince the stakeholders to at least attend a meeting for which the analyst will give a separate presentation.


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