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Evaporating jar

Write essay on an experiment conducted below. skeleton outline, introduction, materials and methods, results and conclusion section. CSE writing style. This experiment was conducted to note the changes of water when placing ice on top of a hot jar. The goal was to observe the water evaporate when the temperature changes suddenly. The materials were 1 Jar, Water, Ice, Ceramic plate. A towel should have been used to handle the jar since heat was involved and a larger jar to see a larger reaction. The variables for this experiment include 5 ice cubes and a thin ceramic plate RECIPE Fill 8oz jar with steamed water and let stand for 5 minutes to heat jar. Pour water out. Fill the jar halfway with steamed water and place plate on top. Let stand for 5 minutes. Place ice cubes on top and observe water Algorithm After pouring the steaming water out of the jar then filling it halfway with the plate on top I thought it would trap the heat inside which it did. After placing the ice on top of the plate the jar the water started to evaporate making the jar sweaty and leaving a smaller amount of water inside.


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