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WATCH THE MOVIE “”TOUCHED WITH FIRE”” 1. Do not spend a lot time retelling the plot of entire movie! Just recount enough of the movie to make your diagnosis and give examples. 2. Format • Describe the character(s) fully. Pretend you’re doing a case study on them, don’t leave anything out. We need the main character’s name, age, family information, and any important events, etc. IDENTIFYING INFORMATION: Age, sex/gender, race/ethnicity, relationship status, student/employment status, living situation, and environmental context. PRESENTING PROBLEM: What—how does the client define the problem? When—when did the problem begin and how often is it currently occurring? Where—where (physically) does the problem occur? Why (now)—why is this problem happening to the client at this time? Exceptions—when was the problem not happening, or happening differently? CURRENT AND HISTORICAL INFORMATION: History of presenting problem, Family history, Social history, Medical history, Psychiatric history, Trauma history, Substance use, Legal involvement, Cultural issues, and Religion and spirituality RISK AND PROTECTIVE FACTORS: Personal—strengths, adaptability, coping, interests, Social—family, communities, Financial, institutional, housing, environmental MENTAL STATUS EXAM: Appearance, Reaction to the interview, Motor behaviors, Speech, Mood/affect, Thought processes, Thought content, Somatic functions, Cognitive functions, and Insight and judgment FORMULATION: Strengths-based integration of observation/information, grounded in theoretical understanding. Multilayered to include biological,intrapsychic, family, social/cultural, and environmental factors. The goal of the formulation is to synthesize all of the information you collected in the assessment to answer the question of why this problem is happening at this time for this client. Risk level and treatment implications should be considered. • Consult DSM-V and give me your diagnosis. Not only should you give me the name of the disorder(s) the person has, but outline for me the exact criteria from DSM-V that you feel warrants this diagnosis. To be clear, I want you to actually list the DSM criteria for the disorder. Also, explain any of the criteria that the character does not fit. Go through the symptoms and analyze the behavior in light of it. Obviously, you’ll have to look up the disorder in DSM-V, in your textbook and on Blackboard, to get the criteria. Note: the character may not meet all the criteria for a particular disorder, or they might have characteristics of a couple of disorders. If they are missing some of the criteria, go ahead and state that.


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