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Assessment Brief:Strategic Marketing Communications Plan (2500 words, 100%) You will produce a full strategic plan for a product, service or cause which covers all the elements of the marketing communications planning and delivery process. This should be presented within a recognised marketing communications framework e.g. SOSTAC and include situation analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, and how success will be evaluated. The plan must contain reference to the effective use of stakeholder mapping and relationship management within marketing communications. It also must contain a media plan detailing how a campaign of awareness raising might be implemented with a suggested budget attached.Some options below have been provided, or you can choose your own campaign but your plan must be structured appropriately. Suggestions: 1. Launch of a new soft drink by Red Bull2. Campaign to Adopt a Donkey from The Donkey Sanctuary (or a charity of your choice)3. A public information campaign from the Environment Agency about the importance of conserving water.Your plan should be presented in report-style with appropriate academic evidence supporting your ideas. It is recommended you should include at least 25 references.


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