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Description 1. Explain the Ansoff Strategic Approach. A. One paragraph explanation of the concept behind the approach and what it does. B. Explain environmental turbulence (everything) C. Explain each of the 4 organizational strategies and 8 of the organizational capabilities. How are they measured, and how is each defined? D. Explain gaps. E. Provide Ansoff’s strategic success theorem. F. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the approach. 2. Explain the Traditional Strategic Approach. A. Explain the economic theories that underlie the approach. B. Explain how the economic theories are adopted into the approach. C. Explain each step in the model to include: a. What the step is b. What happens at that step c. Provide an overall outline of the entire approach. D. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the approach. 3. Explain the “Four Phase Cycle of the Organization.” 4. Explain the “Five personalities of Change.”


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