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Optimizing and Leveraging Tourism in Qatar Through 2022 World Cup 

Chapter Summary at the end of each chapter: Ch. 1 + Ch. 2 + Ch. 3 + Ch. 4 Chapter 2 – Literature Review: The literature review lacks depths, needs to be developed further by elaborating more. The literature review requires in-depth theories – example (2.1.1, 2.2.1 & 2.3.1). NOTE: Make sure 75% of the references are from books / dissertations / other thesis. Avoid using online articles as reference – it will not be considered as a strong source / referencing. Chapter 4 – Research Analysis and Findings: I will need you to completely cover Chapter 4 (Research Analysis + Findings) from scratch. Do all the necessary to fully complete chapter 4. Carefully review Chapter 3 (Methodology) to know the selected research method. You will find the interview transcription in (Appendix 1 – 3) from page 23 – 35. NOTE: Let me know if you require additional pages.


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