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Final Paper for Health Care Accounting

Intro to Health Care Accounting Final Paper Locate several health care organizations’ mission, value and vision statements. Use public sources with no privacy concerns. You can look up the mission statement, value statement and vision statement of their local hospital, public health unit, etc. You should be able to find them online easily enough. Then fit the statements you have discovered into the chapter’s categories of “recognizing a special status or focus within the statements”; financial emphasis within the statements”; and/or “relaying the message”. Once you have the statements, you need to see how the statements correlate with the information from the textbook in regarding to how things are viewed from a financial aspect as well as a humanitarian – some will have the financial information upfront and right there, others will have it hidden. Be sure to include the missions, values and vision statement in your paper. When you write your paper, you will need to include all the statements and document how you believe it applies or does not apply. Your final submission should be a 3-page written paper (12pt Times Roman font and APA format) along with a reference page. Submit your completed paper.


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